Vuejs progressive development

Vue (pronounced "view") is a progressive framework that has taken JavaScript developers by storm. Read here why we think it's great! Request a Quote

We love Vue! Why?

What Is Vue.js?

In its simplicity, Vue is a presentation layer that can be used to embed everything from simple elements to existing websites to complete development projects.

Vue can be used to build components that are centralized and used across platforms to minimize development costs and maintenance.

Vue also integrates wonderfully with the most popular frameworks. We use Vue as the primary presentation layer when building projects in Laravel (PHP) and Node.js / Express (JavaScript).

View of React and Angular

We see Vue as the best choice for developing progressive web applications. There are other good alternative frameworks on the market such as. React from Facebook.

Unlike React and Angular, which are powered by Facebook and Google, Vue is driven by a hugely active community of developers who make Vue better every day.

Why Vue over React?

Vue and React are very similar to each other. Vue has the same approach to the virtual DOM as React, and Vues State Management System (VUEX) is very similar to React’s ditto (Redux) as VUEX implements basically the same concepts. Combined with Nuxt.js, you get a fully SSR (Server Side Rendered) application which makes your new (web) app SEO friendly and allows you to achieve 100% PWA score in Google Lighthouse.

we have chosen Vue over React because of the large community that develops on the framework every day. We believe we can deliver a better, higher quality end product in less time with Vue. This allows us to minimize our time spent and budgets, compared to if we did the exact same project – just in React.

Nuxt.js: Vue.js on Steorides

Nuxt.js is a framework for building Vue.js applications. Nuxt.js can be used to build SPA (Single Page Applications), static pages, and dynamic pages. Nuxt.js can also be seen as a toolbox for developers as it provides a lot of extra functionality for Vue.js. Among other:

  • Server-side rendering
  • routing
  • Asynchronous data
  • Automatic code splitting
  • ES6 / ES7 transpiling
  • JS / CSS bundling and minifying
  • Pre-processors: Sass, Less, Stylus.
  • Modular architecture

In fact, our own website ( is built from scratch with Nuxt.js (Vue) as our frontend and WordPress as our backend content API.

Fast prototyping

It’s quick for us as developers to prototype your ideas into reality with Vue. Because Vue is so quick to set up new projects, and because it is based on the well-known syntaxes HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript, we can quickly create a functional demo for you that you can test before choosing to invest in get the complete project done.


Give better user experience to visitors using Progressive web applications technology.


Power you application coding standard using Centralised state management ( Getters, Setters, Mutations, Actions )


Load API data at Server layer with Server rendered applications feature.

ES6 / ES7 transpiling (babel)

Support your web Applications to older browsers

JS / CSS optimization

Minimize your application size using Bundling and minifying assets feature.

Asynchronous data

Building your data object Asynchronous to make excellent UI experience.

Web applications for the future are being built with Vue.js

We are building Web applications using Vue.js Powerful features to power the web development Hire Developer