PWA - Cash On Delivery

We make it simple to enable the cash-on-delivery option in your PWA studio store. Our PWA cash on delivery helps customers and merchants alike with its user-friendly functionalities and features, all of which are fully integrated into your Magento PWA store.

Our extension is designed for seamless integration into your store, ensuring a smooth user experience. The COD option in stores enhances customer convenience, trust, and sales conversion rates and provides a hassle-free setup process for merchants.

Key Highlights:

  • Quick approved COD Availability
  • Available on the Checkout Page
  • Enable for every product
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v13.3.0, v12.5.1
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PWA Cash On Delivery Extension

Customers often find the COD payment method more convenient and trustworthy. It allows them to pay for an online order when they already have the products, eliminating the need for advance payment. This is particularly beneficial for new stores where customers are still building trust and may hesitate to make upfront payments.

Our Magento PWA Cash On Delivery solves all the abovementioned issues and plugs perfectly into your checkout page. It allows customers to pay for products upon delivery, removing the need for advance payment.

Features & Functionalities:

  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Increase conversions.
  • Save customer time
  • Custom order status

Improved Control of the COD Payment Method:

Our extension benefits your customers and PWA store owners by simplifying COD management. With simple controls and setup, you can enable Cash on Delivery in seconds, giving you more flexibility and control over your payment options.

Select Specific Countries:

Provide your cash-on-delivery service only in your selected counties. This will help to streamline your operations and reduce the possibility of nonpayment. Ensure you enable the country where you can easily manage delivery service without hassle.

Max-Min Order Limit:

Set the maximum and minimum order limits for managing COD. This will help you easily decide what range of order values your customers will accept for cash on delivery transactions.

Build trust and increase customer satisfaction:

The PWA Cash on Delivery Extension offers a secure and familiar payment option for new customers and those hesitant to use digital payment methods. Customers can only pay for their purchases after they have received them, building trust, satisfaction, and loyalty to your PWA store.

Stay competitive and boost sales:

Offering Magento PWA Cash On Delivery Extra Extension meets customer demands and keeps you ahead of the competition. Expanding your payment options increases your store's appeal and positions you as a trustworthy and customer-focused brand.

Why Choose Our PWA Cash On Delivery Extension?

Our Magento PWA Cash On Delivery extension offers a customizable COD availability checker, flexible fee settings, and a unique experience for your business. Our extension provides a comprehensive solution for streamlining COD operations.

Furthermore, we prioritise security and user experience, including secure payment processing, responsive design, and customisable checkout experiences. Choose our PWA Cash on a Delivery extension to maximise your eCommerce business's perspective.

  • Customise COD instruction
  • Enable the COD Easily
  • Build trust with customers
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PWA - Cash On Delivery - FAQs

  1. How does the PWA Cash On Delivery Extension benefit customers?

    The extension provides a trusted and safe payment option for consumers who are reluctant to use digital payment methods. It allows customers to pay for their purchases only after they have received them, thereby increasing trust, satisfaction, and loyalty to your PWA store.

  2. Where can I configure the PWA Cash On Delivery Extension settings?

    To configure the extension settings, navigate to Stores> Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods> Cash on Delivery Payment in your Magento backend.

  3. How can I get support for the PWA Cash On Delivery Extension?

    You can contact our dedicated support team for any support or queries regarding the extension. We assist with installation, configuration, and any issues you may encounter during usage.

  4. Can I customise the cash on delivery instructions with this extension?

    Yes, you can customise the cash-on-delivery instructions in your store. To update COD instructions, simply go to the .env file and use HTML code to write instructions after declaring the CASH_ON_DELIVERY_INSTRUCTION variable to display in your store.

Version: 1.0.0

Last Update: Apr 24, 2024

  • It supports the PWA v13.3.0 and v12.5.1 versions.
  • It supports the Magento 2 v2.4.7-beta3 v2.4.6 versions.