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Magento 2 Social Login Extension allows customers for login using social network handles, which increases user sign-ups and improves security. Customers may log in to the online store using social networking credentials from Facebook, Google and LinkedIn thanks to the Magento 2 Social Login. This Extension makes it easy for customers to access accounts on websites.

Key Highlights:

  • Option for social network login to improve consumer ease.
  • Allow users to log in using their Facebook, LinkedIn or Google accounts
  • The admin may select the social login buttons on selected pages
  • Allow consumers to quickly and simply login or register.
v2.4.6, v2.4.5
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Magento 2 Social Login Extension 

As the owner of an Ecommerce shop, you want to maximise conversions from your target demographic. The use of social login minimises the friction of recurrent purchases. If you incorporate social login, you will benefit in both directions. This saves clients the effort of registering/signing up on the website.

Prompting clients to register on your website is a common method of generating leads for e-commerce businesses. To assist users, the Magento 2 social login Extension allows users to quickly log in or sign up using numerous social network accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Plus without providing any information.

Using Magento Social Login Extension, also known as social sign-in, is an excellent approach to streamline the login and registration processes. This eliminates the requirement for the consumer to remember login or password. Quick access to their account means less friction in the checkout process.

Social Login for Magento 2 will assist store owners in creating a store that customers like using. Customers may check in to the website using their preferred social network accounts.

social-loginmagento2 social login features and functionalities

Features & Functionalities:

  • With a single click, enable social login or registration for consumers
  • Social Login makes website registration a quick and easy procedure.
  • Control the redirection procedure with ease.
  • Using integrated analytics, make data-driven decisions.
  • Create reports in order to attract registered customers to join social networks.
  • Set auto redirect to a specific page after login.
  • Set the desired location for the social login bar.

Easy to Install:

Our social login extension is easy to install and manage for e-commerce businesses.

Instant Login:

It allows your customers a faster login process without filling in all the details.

Smooth Login Process:

It gives a smooth login process to your customers and allows your store to get more customers.

Increase Web Traffic:

This Extension allows you to increase the web traffic of your online store.

Boosts SEO:

With many clicks and customers in your store, it boosts your SEO.

Enhance User Experience:

This Extension will assist your e-commerce store to enhance its user experience.


Benefits of Magento - Social Login Extension 


  • Simplify the user registration procedure in your Magento 2 store and boost the number of sign-ups.
  • Allow customers to register and check in to Magento 2 store using social networking, eliminating the need to remember usernames and passwords.
  • Support Google reCAPTCHA, providing a strong barrier against bot registrations and spam.
  • Never let clients abandon purchases in Magento 2 store due to a delayed registration procedure utilising social login.
  • More smooth login and registration experience with social login for Magento 2, which will increase conversions.
  • Help you grow your email list by automatically retrieving emails from social logins.



How Does Magento 2 Social Login Extension Work?


  • The primary goal of Magento 2 Social Login is to raise the number of registrations on your website, which will enhance lead generation and sales. This Extension allows website visitors to login using social network account credentials.
  • Instead of the traditional login where clients must input their information, this Social Login for Magento 2 includes a popup with social networking login alternatives. 
  • Visitors may register on the website using their Facebook, LinkedIn or Google handles. This makes things easier for your clients and helps with lead generation on your website.
  • The extension automatically collects all of the essential data to determine which social network generates the most profit for you.


Why is our Magento - Social Login the right choice for your E-commerce business?

Our Magento 2 social login extension assists you in giving a quality e-commerce experience to your customers and increase the web traffic on your online store with the help of our magento social login extension.

It enables your customers to log in via Gmail, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

  • High-Quality e-commerce Experience
  • Boost Shopping Experience
  • Increase web traffic
  • Smooth login process
Customer-login A boy using Magento2 social login extension
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Magento 2 Social Login - FAQs

  1. How can Magento Social Login Checkout help my Online Store?

    Our magento2 social login checkout will assist your e-commerce store in enabling customers with quick Login through social networks such as Gmail, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

  2. Is there any cost associated with this extension?

    Yes, You need to purchase this extension.

  3. Is it beneficial to get this extension?

    Yes, it gives your store a quicker and faster login experience with social networks.

  4. What are the benefits of this Extension?

    It helps your store to attract more customers, boosts the shopping experience, enables a quick login process, boosts SEO, etc.

Version: 1.0.5

Last Update: Jan 19 2024

  • Sometime google not provide family_name
  • elightwalkCreateSocialLogin update input params code instead of token

Version: 1.0.4

Last Update: Dec 4 2023

  • Translation update

Version: 1.0.3

Last Update: July 21, 2023

  • Click on the provider, then open the popup.
  • The customer closes the popup and then again opens the popup issue

Version: 1.0.2

Last Update: June 15, 2023

  • Fixed Customer id = null issue

Version: 1.0.1

Last Update: May 27, 2023

  • Compatible with Magento Version 2.4.6
  • Fixed ACL issue
  • Logger Implementation

Version: 1.0.0

Last Update: May 05, 2023

  • Compatible with magento version 2.4.5
  • Social Login supports Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Graphql, RestApi Implementation.
  • Implement Composer.