PWA - Check/Money Order Payment

The Magento PWA Check money order payment extension enables customers to pay for their orders with money orders easily. Customers who prefer this payment method will have a more convenient checkout experience with this extension. To reduce Internet banking charges and provide an alternative payment option for those who do not have access to credit/debit cards or digital payment methods.

Key Highlights:

  • Widely accepted worldwide
  • Secure than any other transaction
  • Secure than any other transaction
  • Best for huge transaction
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v13.3.0, v12.5.1
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PWA - Check/Money Order Payment Extension

Simple and reliable method:

This extension provides a simple experience for payment transactions. It is safe to handle payments, especially when a large transaction in the e-commerce business is involved. Customers and businesses prefer non-electronic payment methods.

Connect to Purchase Order Systems:

It easily integrates with existing purchase order systems, especially for B2B transactions. It also easily increases efficiency in order processing and financial management. B2B customers can easily make bulk purchases and pay by check or money order to reduce extra charges.

A reliable payment option:

Expand your payment options, catering to customers who prefer non-digital payment methods. Increase customer satisfaction by offering various payment options tailored to their needs. It is easy to manage for large and small business owners.

No Dependency on Payment Gateway:

Gain direct financial contact between your clients and your store, eliminating the need for a third-party payment gateway. This approach offers additional security for clients who would rather keep their credit card information private online.

Robust Security Measures:

Trust is the foundation of a manual business or e-commerce business. Rest assured that our PWA Check Money Order prioritises security by providing a more secure payment option for business industries. Customers will always choose it as their first option to prevent fraud.

Reduce Transaction Fees:

PWA Check Money Order Extension reduces other transaction fees for customers and owners. Businesses can be paid without incurring additional costs using this secure option, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking at their payment processes.

Why Choose Our PWA Check Money Order Extension?

Our PWA Check Money Order is a dependable alternative to credit card payments in online retail environments. This extension was created especially for PWA Studio and allows store owners to take payments using conventional methods like checks or money orders. With this freedom, customers can select the payment method of their choice. Improve customer satisfaction by accommodating smile payment methods.

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PWA - Check/Money Order Payment - FAQs

  1. What payment methods does the PWA Check Money Order extension support?

    Our extension allows customers to pay with money orders, offering a convenient alternative to traditional payment methods such as credit cards.

  2. Why should I choose the PWA Check Money Order extension?
  3. Is the PWA Check Money Order extension secure?

    Yes, it prioritises security by providing a safer payment method, particularly for large transactions. It eliminates the need for payment gateways by allowing clients to make direct financial transactions with your store.

  4. How does the PWA Check Money Order extension help reduce transaction fees?

    Our extension benefits both customers and store owners by offering a secure payment option without additional transaction fees for businesses looking to streamline their payment processes.

Version: 1.0.0

Last Update: Apr 24, 2024

  • It supports the PWA v13.3.0 and v12.5.1 versions.
  • It supports the Magento 2 v2.4.7-beta3 v2.4.6 versions.