ScandiPWA development

ScandiPWA is the simplest solution that allows implementing custom frontend on the base of ReactJS for Magento 2 platform. Request a Quote

ScandiPWA Features

Why Scandi PWA

ScandiPWA is a next-generation Magento 2 front-end written in React. It supports 95% of all Magento features while offering a significantly improved user experience and flexible customization technologies. With Scandi, you have the power to use file overrides for theme development and application plugins for reusable extensions.

Progressive Web Application

In addition to being rendered entirely client-side, ScandiPWA is a Progressive Web Application (PWA). This means that it can act similarly to a native iOS or Android application without any additional code.

Fully Customizable

In addition, it is possible to create and install reusable extensions for the theme. With minimal setup investment, you can get additional functionality in your app, defined by an extension – just like in any other Magento store!

Scandipwa Performance

The server does not need to render the entire page every time. It merely needs to serve the data required by the client, which can happen much faster.

Scandipwa Extensions

Extensions are a very important part of the ScandiPWA tool-chain.

  • ​Application plugins
  • ​​Build configuration plugins
  • ​Module preference
Scandipwa Development

PWA theme for Magento. ScandiPWA is the fastest way to get ready-to-use PWA for any Magento store.

Scandipwa customize

we will customize a Scandi theme in various ways, showing you specific examples of how common changes can be made. You can easily follow along with your own Scandi theme.

Scandipwa Progressive

In addition to being rendered entirely client-side, ScandiPWA is a Progressive Web Application.

Scandipwa Smooth

we can implement a smooth transition to the next page, and display placeholder loaders until the data arrives.

ScandiPWA Development Services

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