ScandiPWA Extensions

Redefining E-Commerce with ScandiPWA Extensions

ScandiPWA extensions, like special packages, are cool plugins or add-ons for M2 (Magento 2). They come with a scandipwa folder that does cool stuff for the ScandiPWA front end. You can also add other M2 folders for things that work behind the scenes.

With ScandiPWA, you can easily make 'plug-and-play' extensions for your apps. An extension is a helpful part of your program that you can use repeatedly. It might have cool pictures, innovative thinking, or unique settings.

ScandiPWA is like the super cool theme for Magento 2, and it's made with React. It helps you quickly get your store's PWA (Progressive Web App). You can make your themes with Scandi by changing files and adding extra bits with extensions.

At Elightwalk, We intend to make our ScandiPWA extensions better and give you themes you can easily install. We're changing how we do things to ensure you get help for a long time.

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