Magento 2 - Google Rich Snippets

Our Magento Rich Snippet extension allows you to swiftly and effortlessly incorporate Google Rich Snippets into your online store, thereby enhancing its search engine ranking. You must highlight the necessary information to increase your website's exposure in search results and attract relevant traffic by implementing our extensions in your store. 

Key Highlights

  • Product Structured data.
  • Organization logo, description & Social Profile.
  • Category
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Twitter Card
  • Opengraph
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v2.4.6, v2.4.5
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Magento 2 Google Rich Snippet

Magento 2 rich snippets are structured data that improve your online store visibility in search engine results by providing more context about the content displayed on a page. It will help you provide more information about your business, products, and services (such as prices, stock levels, ratings, reviews, social profiles, the URL, company name, logo, navigation path, search input box for the homepage, etc.), which will help you accurately segment potential customers and attract only relevant traffic to your website.

Our extension also allows you to easily customize and optimize these rich snippets to showcase your unique offerings better and stand out from competitors in search results. You can quickly turn on and off generating information by providing it to the Google Search Engine.

We also support OpenGraph and Twitter Cards integration with our extension. Social metadata tags allow owners to customize their appearance on social media platforms, ensuring consistent and effective brand representation across multiple channels. You can use these features to increase engagement and traffic to your Magento 2 store.

Features & Functionalities:

  • Show rich snippets with organization.
  • Show rich snippets for the product.
  • Show rich snippets for categories.
  • Add a search input box for your store.
  • Facebook open graph enable.
  • Enable breadcrumbs.
Magento 2 - Rich Snippets

Organization Description:

This extension can write an organization description and preview your Magento microdata in your online store. Optimize rich data settings, save time with revisions, and improve online store ranking by including social network URLs for Google search preview.

Product structured data:

You can use structured data in your online store to display product information in more detail. This will help users see price and availability, review ratings, and shipping information and learn more about your store in search results.

Product shipping details:

With this extension, you can enter shipping information and allow Google to preview it in a search. You can increase your customer base by including shipping information in a Google search.

Twitter Card:

Surveys found that providing Twitter cards increased viewers' responses to tweets by more than 30%. You can now promote your e-commerce business's products on Twitter and expect a better response without any hassle.


Its Open Graph feature makes your content more visible in social media streams. If you optimize your website for Open Graph, your products and services will be easily shared and found by a larger audience. 

Enable Breadcrumbs:

Btradcrums makes your website easy to navigate, which can improve the user experience. This can also help search engines better understand your site's structure, increasing its visibility in search results.

Why is the Google Rich Snippet the right choice for your e-commerce business?

The Google Rich Snippet extension improves your store's visibility in the Google search engine. It highlights your stores and products on the internet by creating structured data that provides more information to users before they even click on your website. Implementing our extension in your store can boost click-through rates, increasing traffic and sales for your e-commerce business.

  • Indexing Websites at a Much Quicker Rate 
  • Enhanced Performance in Terms of CTR 
  • Improved discoverability using natural search engines 
  • Large Amounts of Specific Viewers 
  • Increased Visibility in Search Engines
  • Bounce Rate Diminution
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Magento-rich-snippets - FAQs

  1. How Can Google Rich Snippet Extension Help My Online Store?

    Google rich snippet assists you in improving your search engine optimization score to rank higher on the internet.

  2. Is there any cost associated with this extension?

    Yes, you need to purchase this extension from our website to enable it in your store.

  3. Is it worth purchasing this extension?

    It enables your online store to rank higher on the search results and attract organic customers from the web.

  4. What are the benefits of this extension?

    Using this extension, you can increase your customer base, enhance your sales, improve your shopping experience, and rank better on search results.

Version : 1.1.4

Last Update: Jun, 04, 2024

  • Fixed schema issue
  • Update GraphQl

Version : 1.1.3

Last Update: Jan, 22, 2024

  • Add Open Graph "og:locale" meta tag

Version : 1.1.2

Last Update: Sep, 13, 2023

  • Argument #1 ($string) must be of type string, null given in elightwalk/magento2-rich-snippets/Block/Product.php:245: related to empty description.

Version : 1.1.1

Last Update: Aug, 31, 2023

  • $name is required params Elightwalk\RichSnippets\Logger\Logger issued fixed ( logger )

Version : 1.1.0

Last Update: Jun, 20, 2023

  • Twitter Cards
  • Facebook Open Graph
  • gtin, brand, priceUnitValid, hasMerchantReturnPolicy, shuppingDetails on product page
  • ItemReviewed on category page

Version : 1.0.0

Last Update: Jun, 13, 2023

  • Support Magento version 2.4.6, 2.4.5
  • Implement GraphQl and Api
  • Build Configuration
  • Implement Composer
  • Locale ( English, Danish, Arabic )