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IoCheckout supports layouts, shipping methods, payment methods, addresses. Our IoCheckout - Venia Extension offers a range of features designed to enhance and optimize the checkout process for Magento users utilizing the Venia theme.

Key Highlights:

  • Support IoCheckout
  • Support Customise Hooks
  • Support Shipping And Payment Methods
  • Support Multi-Languages
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~13.2.1, ~13.2.0, ~13.1.1, ~13.0.1, ~12.6.0, ~12.5.1
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Money Back
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Frequent Update
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GTM Tracking:

IoCheckout is a Magento checkout tool that incorporates GTM Tracking to enhance marketing insights and enables clients to customize it as necessary for monitoring additional information.

Delivery Date Availability:

The IoCheckout Delivery date function empowers business owners to handle delivery and shipments, boosting sales and profitability while minimizing customer frustration caused by delivery delays.

Various Payment Options:

Support for various payment methods, allowing clients to select their preferred payment method. IoCheckout ensures full support for all payment methods, including redirection and replies.

Comprehensive Order Summary:

Provides a simple and detailed order summary, allowing users to inspect goods, quantities, pricing, and total before completing the transaction.

Multi Layout Option:

IoCheckout provides a range of layout options that can be configured to create Magento Checkout pages. This will help determine which template version is ideal for enhancing online business.

Efficient Shipping Methods:

IoCheckout features efficient shipping method management with real-time cost estimates, giving users a variety of alternatives for clear and simple selections.

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IoCheckout Venia - FAQs

  1. What is Iocheckout - Venia Theme Extension?

    This extension fully supports IoCheckout, providing many functionalities.

  2. How does this extension integrate with the Venia theme?

    This extension is designed to work with the Venia theme, resulting in a consistent and visually appealing checkout experience that is consistent with your brand identity.

  3. What improvements does it bring to the overall customer experience?

    The plugin optimizes the checkout process by providing a user-friendly and easy interface to increase overall consumer happiness and experience.

  4. Is this extension aligned with Progressive Web App (PWA) standards?

    Yes, the extension adheres to PWA standards, guaranteeing a snappy, high-performance checkout experience across various devices.


Version : 1.0.6

Last Update: May 28, 2024

  • IoCheckout v1.4.4 is supported.
  • Pass current theme as a props to IoCheckout.

Version : 1.0.5

Last Update: March 1, 2024

  • IoCheckout v1.4.1 is supported.
  • Updated IoCheckout Redirect Page

Version : 1.0.4

Last Update: December 23, 2023

  • Store Pick-Up is available.
  • IoCheckout v1.4.0 is supported.
  • Compatible with PWA Versions ~13.2.1, ~13.2.0, ~13.1.1, ~13.0.1

Version : 1.0.3

Last Update: September 11, 2023

  • Multi time IoCheckout script add issue fixed.
  • Support IoCheckout render hooks

Version : 1.0.2

Last Update: June 28, 2023

  • Add IoCheckout Abandoned Cart Page
  • Plan expires then render Venia default checkout page.
  • Support IoCheckout 1.0.2 Version
  • Support Venia ~12.6.0 Version
  • Updated IoCheckout Redirect Page

Version : 1.0.1

Last Update: March 28, 2023

  • Support IoCheckout 1.0.1 Version
  • IoCheckout Redirect Page