Magento development

Magento Development

Open the gate for your online store to thrive in the market with Magento development service from Elightwalk

Start your New E-commerce journey today with Elightwalk! You can also upgrade your existing e-commerce store with us to make it a more scalable, secure, and high-performing platform. Choose the Magento development from the Elightwalk to make your E-commerce store more popular, secure, and revenue-generating. Let us make your e-commerce store shiner today!

Why choose Magento for profitable online store development?

Online shopping has significantly improved people's lives, which has caused e-commerce businesses to expand quickly.

Customers are moving to shop online daily to fulfil their needs, so you need a quality platform that can help you attract a good customer base and generate a good amount of revenue. Magento Development is the Key to your success here.

Whether you are a tiny business, a small store, or a start-up, Magento is a versatile platform that can adapt to changing market demands.

Magento development backs e-commerce over multiple devices and web browsers. Below are the reasons why Magento is the best choice of all time.

Create Scalable e-stores

A single dashboard can assist you in managing multiple storefronts by creating a profitable E-store.

Management Multiple Storefronts

This feature enables you to control multiple stores using a single backend efficiently.

Aim Omnichannel

Magento assists you in obtaining customer data through multiple modes with the centralized data management feature.

Flexible APIs

Utilizing web services that communicate with the Magento development system is simple for developers, thanks to the Magento web API framework.

Benefit from inbuilt extensions

Magento users can use various readily available extensions to include various functionality.

Fast Rendering

With the help of a varnish cache, Magento enables your store pages to load faster, which brings more customers and conversions to your platform.

OpenSource Platform

Expanding your store can be easier with Magento Development Services, an open-source platform.

Seamless Inventory management

It enables you to manage sales channels via multi-source inventory like Hyperlocal and POS Solutions.

Varied Payment Methods

Facilitates a variety of payment options, gateways, and services that are suitable for your business.

An Array of Shipping Methods

It incorporates individual shipping methods to meet your business requirements.

Magento Development Services

Our wide range of Magento development services can assist you in building a superior, scalable, feature-loaded, and secure online store that brings more conversions to help you generate more revenue.


Magento Website Development

With the help of our comprehensive experience in Magento web development, we create responsive websites with flawless CMS to assist you in launching your website in the market confidently.


Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

The migration procedure from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is a challenging task. But you can migrate effectively with our reliable Magento development services.

You can migrate your data safely and securely with no data loss by choosing our Magento migration service. 
To provide you with a smooth-running store, we take care of almost every crucial aspect of Magento migration.


Magento Performance Optimization

Magento and speed go hand in hand. Magento can help you increase the pace of your store.

Better conversions can be achieved by operating your store at lightning-fast speeds while maintaining the UX/UI characteristics. You may expect higher sales and traffic with better speed and performance, directly boosting your business metrics.


Magento Extensions Development

Get our Magento Extension Development Services for custom functionality and features to form up your online store as you prefer.
We know that every business is different and has different customer bases with different requirements. Therefore, You must begin with the proper set of features and functionalities.


Magento PWA development

Business owners want to provide their clients with outstanding experience in this cutthroat digital world. You may implement this concept by integrating headless PWA technology into your store using Magento PWA development.

Utilizing this technology allows our clients to design dependable PWAs that load quickly and work on all platforms and devices.


Magento Maintenance and Support

We want our client to run an online store smoothly. To ensure that your store is optimized, safe, and up to date, We will be there for you throughout your journey, whether it is new security patches, version updates, or simply providing new extensions and features. 

Why Choose Elightwalk for Magento Development Services?

To assist our clients in reaching a wider audience and growing their businesses, we provide them with trustworthy Magento development services. Seasoned project managers oversee each stage of development, and we follow a systematic procedure overall. Every project we've been given has been completed because of our open and honest procedure.

Assess and Plan

Our certified team of Magento developers and designers work closely to understand your business's vision and create a roadmap to give you the best solution for Magento development projects that complement your business requirements.

Long term Collaboration

Delivering your project is just the beginning of our ongoing partnership with you. As a result, we provide full-service support and upkeep for your Magento site.

Testing and Launch

We only launch your Magento-powered store after stringent testing to ensure it is free of bugs and errors.

Strategy and Code

After evaluating your requirement and gathering information, we create a process that includes different phases of development.

Magento Development Company

Elightwalk is a growing Magento development company that provides quality services for online store development. We provide customer satisfaction, maintenance and support, and a transparent and open process of project operations. 
Your time is valuable to us, so we strive to deliver projects on time without compromising the quality of the code. Our commitment is to provide you with a reliable and efficient Magento development service that meets your expectations. 

Hire Magento Developers

Hire dedicated Magento developers with extensive Magento project development experience to meet all your requirements. For any ecommerce project, our team of skilled Magento developers will ensure you receive efficient, high-quality services.

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