Magento 2 - Google XML Sitemap

Magento 2 XML Sitemap is an Extension that allows you to dynamically build Google XML sitemaps to better convey the structure of your website to search crawlers. This Magento 2 sitemap generator generates an XML sitemap that adheres to Google's standard protocol, ensuring that all of your website's pages are correctly indexed and ranked.

Key Highlights:

  • Might be include or exclude various Pages categories 
  • Determine the significance of a set of CMS pages and additional links.
  • Configure the edit page to exclude product or category pages from the XML sitemap.
  • Fixed the problem with the generating date not being updated when using the cron
v2.4.6, v2.4.5
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Magento 2 Google XML Sitemap Extension 

A sitemap is a tool that assists search engine crawlers in better understanding and navigating a website. It is a file in Magento that provides connections to the website pages that need to be indexed as well as the relationship between them. 

Magento 2 XML sitemap is a sitemap for search engines. XML sitemap characteristics guarantee that search engines are informed about the structure of a website, as well as how frequently the site's content is updated or the search results for a certain URL. 

Magento XML Sitemap  produces and divides XML sitemaps for Magento 2 stores to improve search engine crawling. This Magento 2 extension allows you to quickly and easily produce Google xml sitemaps. It will allow Ecommerce website to communicate with search engines in a timely and effective manner.

By adding this plugin to your e-commerce web store, you may improve your website's SEO performance and rank first in search engines. You may define which items, categories, and CMS pages should be indexed using our Google XML sitemap generator. 

The sitemap can be expanded to include non-standard URLs for which Magento must still account. You have complete control over features such as store-view priority, change frequency, and update date.


sitemap generator Features of SMTP Extension

Features & Functionalities:

  • Set the maximum number of URLs per file in a sitemap
  • Set the maximum size of sitemap in bytes
  • Automatically generate Google sitemaps for online business 
  • Configure the number of urls per file and file size by User admin 
  • Build xml sitemaps automatically by number of days interval


Increasing site visitors is crucial for online stores. However, the quality of the traffic is of far more concern to us than the quantity. If you want Google to comprehend your website's structure, you need to provide it with an accurate XML sitemap that follows Google's standard procedure.


Automating the creation of XML sitemaps for submission to search engines is a breeze with the Google XML Sitemap plugin. New page indexing speeds mean your products will show up in Google sooner. The greater the volume of targeted, organic traffic you receive at no expense, the greater your chances of making a sale.

More SEO-Friendly Web Store:

You sell in-demand items with excellent descriptions on your website. However, when working on SEO, it is not just humans that you need to think about but also search engine crawlers. You may make an excellent first impression on Google with the help of the Google XML SEO sitemap addon.

Filter URLs:

The Google XML sitemap generator allows you to filter out specific URLs for improved optimization of search engines. In the global configuration, you can input URLs to block; on individual CMS page settings, you can input URL keys.

Elightwalk Default Sitemap:

By enabling Elightwalk's default sitemap settings, you can generate XML sitemap automatically without any issues for your products, categories, and other e-commerce pages.

Custom Sitemap Setting:

The custom sitemap setting on this extension will assist you in creating a custom sitemap for your e-commerce store pages.


Benefits Of Magento 2 Google XML Sitemap Extension 


  • Help search engines to index store's contents more quickly.
  • Improve the website's ranking in search results.
  • Advanced settings improve sitemap reliability.
  • To improve indexing, divide the XML Sitemap into smaller XML Sitemap files.
  • Language and content that is appropriate for the target audience
  • To increase traffic, include photos in the Magento 2 SEO sitemap.


How Does Magento 2 Google XML Sitemap Extension Work?


  • Generate a highly admin-friendly Magento 2 sitemap addon that displays all links to crawlers.
  • These sitemaps offer a list of URLs for the site's product pages, category pages, CMS pages, and other essential material.
  • Personalise the sitemap by defining which material to include or omit. This is handy to exclude particular pages or portions from search engine indexing.
  • The magento 2 extension may dynamically update the sitemaps to reflect changes to the website's content.
  • Custom URLs may be added to sitemaps, which is helpful for sites not part of the standard Magento structure, such as landing pages or promotional pages.
  • The extension may build an XML sitemap index file that references separate sitemaps for different areas of the website for large websites with many sitemaps.


Why is our Magento - Google Sitemap the right choice for your E-commerce business?

Our Google XML Sitemap generator allows your web store to communicate easily with search engines to boost the Google rankings of your store.

  • Quicker indexing of your content
  • Page types can be selected for inclusion or exclusion.
  • Detail how often each category of pages is updated.
  • Determine the relative value of several links.
  • Add a Hreflang tag for targeted content delivery.
  • Add in Individually-Created Pages from Other Extension
Google XML sitemap is the right choice for your e-commerce business
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Magento 2 Google XML Sitemap - FAQs

  1. Is Google XML Sitemap Extension compatible with other merchants' themes and extensions?

    Yes, it works with all kinds of plugins we have issued and most third-party extensions. We will help you with any compatibility issues using our extensions.

  2. How Can Google XML Sitemap Extension Help My Online Store?

    The Google XML Sitemap can help improve your search engine optimization, allowing your website to rank higher in search results.

  3. Is this extension likely to cost anything?

    Yes, You need to purchase this extension.

  4. Is buying this extension worth it?

    It enables your online store to generate sitemaps automatically, rank higher on the search results and attract organic customers from the web.

Version : 1.0.0

Last Update: Jan 12, 2024

  • Compatible with Magento Version 2.4.6, 2.4.5
  • Build Configuration
  • Implement Composer
  • Locale (English, Danish, Arabic)