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Razorpay is a Secure & Speedy Payment for Your PWA Checkout

The Razorpay Payment Extension for magento pwa is a payment gateway designed to improve your e-commerce experience. Magento PWA users can now enjoy the convenience and security of Razorpay's payment solutions from within their platform. Easily simplify transactions, increase user trust, and streamline your checkout process. Let's know more about this extension and how it can help improve the e-commerce store experience. 

Key Highlights

  • Easy integration with PWA studio for smooth transactions.
  • Increased security by integrating the robust payment method.
  • Multiple currency payment options for every customer.
  • Increase conversions through a frictionless payment experience.


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v13.3.0, v13.2.0, v13.1.0, v13.0.0, v12.7.0, v12.6.0
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PWA Razorpay extension 

The Razorpay Payment Extension for Magento PWA (Venia) will work with your online store and Razorpay payment gateways to enable secure online transactions in 92 currencies. Elightwalk created this extension for businesses looking for a dependable payment solution. Razorpay's impressive growth trajectory, built-in credibility, and partnerships with renowned entities like Swiggy and IRCTC ensure a smooth checkout process.

This Magento 2 pwa extension has a user-friendly dashboard, is simple to integrate, and accepts various payment methods while providing security through hosted payment processing. This method directs users to the Razorpay gateway, which handles sensitive payment information with the highest level of protection. Admins can easily manage payment details from the backend, and customers can conveniently track their transactions in the account section.

The Magento PWA RazorPay Payment extension improves branding and trust by providing customization options such as personalized payment methods in the checkout process. In other words, the Razorpay Payment Extension for Venia helps customers and store owners by offering a secure, efficient, and convenient payment option.

Features & Functionalities:

  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics.
  • Integration with third-party applications.
  • Multi-language and Multi-currency Support.
PWA Razorpay payment features 

Payment Method Customization

This extension empowers store administrators to customise the title for the Razorpay payment method, offering enhanced branding opportunities and flexibility in user experience.

Simplified Access to Payment Details

Customers can conveniently access and review their payment details directly within their "My Account" section, simplifying the post-purchase journey and enhancing transparency.

Efficient Backend Management

Admins can seamlessly handle payment-related tasks from the backend, including accessing payment details through the order view. This centralised approach ensures efficient order processing and reconciliation.

Flexible Support for Multiple Payment Modes

The extension accommodates various payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, UPI, eWallets, and instalment plans, enhancing checkout flexibility and catering to diverse customer preferences.

Smooth Checkout Experience

Upon order placement, customers are seamlessly redirected to the Razorpay-hosted payment gateway, facilitating a smooth checkout process. This streamlined approach minimises payment friction, improving conversion rates and heightening user satisfaction.

Scalability and Compatibility

The extension seamlessly integrates with the store's platform, offering scalability and adaptability for expanding businesses. Additionally, it enables merchants to leverage the latest features and enhancements, ensuring compatibility and future-proofing their payment systems.


Why is our Magento PWA(Venia) Razorpay Payment extension right for you?

Our MagentoPWA Razorpay Payment extension relieves you of worrying about the security of your online currency transactions. Thanks to a user-friendly UI and seamless integration, your clients may enjoy a secure and simple payment experience. 

  • Provides a robust dashboard with simple integration.
  • Supports more than 92 currencies around the world.
  • Allows the acceptance of mobile payments.
  • Trusted by well-known companies like Airtel, Swiggy, and IRCTC.
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Magento RazorPay Extension - FAQs

  1. What is the Razorpay Payment Extension for Magento PWA (Venia)?

    The Razorpay Payment Extension for Magento PWA (Venia) is designed to facilitate secure online transactions within your e-commerce store. It is built on Magento's Progressive Web App (PWA) platform, Venia. It integrates seamlessly with Razorpay's payment gateway, allowing users to make payments conveniently and securely.

  2. What payment modes does the extension support?

    The extension accommodates various payment methods, such as cards and PayPal, to enhance checkout flexibility and cater to diverse customer preferences.

  3. What are the supporting versions of Venia and Razorpay for this extension?

    Supporting Versions Of Venia: ~v13.3.0, ~v13.2.0, ~v13.1.0, ~v13.0.0, ~v12.7.0, ~v12.6.0

    Razorpay Version: 4.1.2, 4.1.3

  4. Which magento version is required in-store to support this extension?

    Our PWA extension easily works smoothly with Magento v2.4.6 and v2.4.7-beta1. 

Version: 1.0.1

Last Update: April, 5, 2024

  • It supports Magento v2.4.7-beta1 Version.
  • It supports Razorpay v4.1.3 Version.
  • Fixed Loading issue on redirect.
  • Fixed redirect to Checkout Page on cancel/failed payment.
  • GraphQL modified for checkout page.

Version: 1.0.0

Last Update: Jan, 20, 2024

  • It supports the PWA ~v13.3.0, ~v13.2.0, ~v13.1.0, ~v13.0.0, ~v12.7.0, ~v12.6.0 versions.
  • Adds Razorpay payment option in the checkout.
  • It supports Magento v2.4.6 Version.
  • It supports Razorpay v4.1.2 Version.