PWA - Marketing Banner

Build your eye-catching advertisement with a flexible extension!

PWA promotional banner or marketing banner allows you to display a wide banner on your ecommerce store. Marketing banners can help you attract customers by showcasing discounts and launching new sales, products, offers, and advertisements on your e-commerce store to all visitors. Our PWA marketing banner is easy to use and customizable. You can personalise it according to your brand's aesthetics and message. 

Key Highlights

  • Designed for easy implementation and customization.
  • Help to create eye-catching promotion banners
  • Easy to install and launch for beginners
  • Increase the brand value of the e-store
Before using this extension for your Ecommerce store, 
Must purchase the Magento 2 Marketing Banner.
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v13.3.0, v13.2.1, v13.1.1, v13.0.1, v13.0.0, v12.6.0, v12.5.1
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PWA Promotional/Marketing Banner extension 

PWA marketing banners help e-commerce stores display promotional banners in an organised and eye-catching manner. Improve your business's popularity among customers with this PWA promotion banner extension. Apply a minimalist approach to increasing sales and creating a pleasant shopping experience in your ecommerce store.

With the PWA marketing banner, you can display your store's new product promotion, highlight your running sales, display your most-selling products, or showcase customer reviews and testimonials. PWA marketing banners convert sales and create a personalized image of your store in customers' minds.

Write valuable messages about your product and e-commerce store to generate interest and increase sales. PWA marketing banner allows you to display a significant message to your customers. Install this easy, customisable PWA marketing banner extension and improve customer engagement.

This promotional banner extension is a flexible PWA extension. You can easily install it in your PWA e-commerce store. This customisable PWA marketing banner will grab customers' attention and encourage their overall shopping experience. Install this user-friendly PWA (Venia) extension in your PWA e-commerce store today to increase sales and leave a lasting impression on your customers. 

Features & Functionalities:

  • Display only one time to the user to avoid irritation
  • Create and save multiple banners in advance
  • Also displayed in selected stores
  • Date and Time Schedule option
  • On-off Header and Footer option
  • Auto-select display size

Easy To Manage

You can create a marketing banner in advance and schedule it for the perfect time. Also, you can save your banner for your advanced marketing strategy.


Easy to install and customise for an e-commerce store. Simple customization option for customization.

Display Settings:

You can choose your banner size as per your requirements. Also, this extension can manage size if you don’t fill the size box.


Stay tension-free by scheduling your e-commerce banner time and date. The banner launches automatically at your selected time.

Header and Footer Choices:

Add custom content for the Header in the banner. You can also on/off the header and footer to display heading content on the banner.


There are simple configuration processes and simple steps for activation. We provide a proper guide for installation so you can’t get stuck in it.


Why is our PWA Promotional/Marketing Banner extension the right choice for your business?

Our PWA Marketing Banner extension is helpful for businesses due to its seamless integration with your e-commerce website, customizable templates, and advanced targeting options for effective promotion. 

  • Best for promotion of product that you want to increase sales
  • When introducing new products, our extension provides the perfect platform to create buzz and generate interest, ensuring a successful launch.
  • Drive visitors toward the right place
  • Increase sales and revenue 
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PWA Marketing Banner - FAQs

  1. What is the PWA marketing banner extension?

    PWA marketing banner extension displays banners on e-commerce stores and websites. Installing this extension in your e-commerce store allows you to display a banner on your e-commerce website.

  2. How does a PWA promotion banner help in an e-commerce store?

    A PWA promotion banner or a PWA marketing banner helps create a marketing banner on your e-commerce website.

  3. Is the PWA marketing banner worth it?

    Yes, a PWA Marketing banner improves your customer base and helps to close customers with your e-commerce store regularly.

  4. How can I install a PWA marketing banner?

    You can visit our Elightwalk store for guidance on installing a PWA marketing banner. We have provided complete guidance on instilling PWA marketing banner extension in easy steps. For an open Installation guide, Click Here

Version : 1.0.1

Last Update: Apr 3, 2024

  • It supports the Venia v13.3.0 version.
  • It supports the Magento 2 v2.4.7-beta3 version.
  • It supports the Elightwalk - Marketing Banner version v1.0.0 for magento 2.
  • Fixed banner width not working.

Version : 1.0.0

Last Update: December 13, 2023

  • It supports PWA versions ~13.2.1, ~13.1.1, ~13.0.1, ~13.0.0, ~12.6.0, ~12.5.1.
  • Marketing Banners can be added to the store.
  • Banners can be displayed for a specific period of time.