PWA - Purchase Order

The Magento PWA Purchase Order (PO) extension enables customers to easily create purchase orders directly from the storefront, streamlining the ordering process. It helps manage incoming shipments and update incoming product details. Purchase orders can be automatically created from the checkout page.

Key Highlights:

  • Purchase order management
  • Product Order Management
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v13.3.0, v12.5.1
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PWA Purchase Order Extension

The Purchase Order (PO) extension manages commercial transactions, focusing on wholesale orders. It streamlines the purchasing process by allowing companies to issue purchase orders in advance, delineating the specifics of the transaction, including product quantities, pricing, and delivery terms.

Improve the B2B business of your Venia store with our new designs PWA purchase order extension. It makes it easy to create and manage bulk orders for wholesale customers. Improve your PWA store checkout page functionality for your B2B customers.

With our PWA Purchase Order (PO) extension, your regular customer can inform you to reserve a specific quantity of products at a set price. Provide an advance purchase order option on the checkout page to give your store more business from the big dealers. It improves your store's functionality and gives you more advanced business for regular customers.


Enable/Disable Functionality:

Admins can switch the Purchase Order feature on or off, giving customers control over its availability on the website. When the feature is enabled, customers can use purchase orders as a form of payment at checkout.

Choose Applicable Countries:

The extension accepts purchase orders from all countries specified in the store settings. Customers from various regions can use purchase orders without restrictions, simplifying international transactions.

Minimum and Maximum Order Total:

Admins can set minimum and maximum order total thresholds for purchase orders to define the acceptable transaction range. Setting these limits helps to prevent misuse and abuse of the purchase order payment method.

Why Choose Our PWA Purchase Order Extension?

Our PWA Purchase Order extension helps you build a customer base in your store. Big businesses can choose your store to make an advance deal by providing the purchase order option. This extension increases your store's credibility and attracts larger clients who prefer to use purchase orders for their transactions. For a seamless shopping experience, our extension also seamlessly integrates with your current PWA platform and is easy to use.

  • Establishing Credit Worthiness
  • Provide Legal Protection
  • improve Inventory Management
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PWA - Purchase Order - FAQs

  1. How does a PWA Purchase Order business make it easier?

    A particular reference point for every transaction is the PWA Purchase Order. It provides admins with proper requests from customers with clear details and payment information.

  2. What are the benefits of accepting purchase orders in my online store?

    Accepting payment via a purchase order in your online store can improve the customer experience. Customers can pay conveniently and securely after receiving an invoice and verifying the goods delivered.

  3. How can I configure the Purchase Order System in the PWA store?

    To install the extension, follow these steps:

    • Upload the '@elightwalk/purchaseorder' folder to the root directory of your PWA.
    • Update the dependencies in the 'package.json' file with the Purchase Order module link.
    • Add '@elightwalk' to the trusted vendors in the 'package.json' file under 'pwa-studio'.
    • Run 'yarn install' and 'yarn build' commands in your terminal.

    Once completed, you have successfully enabled your store's PWA - Purchase Order Extension. For a detailed guide, Click Here.

  4. Can store owners get help with order extensions through the PWA Purchase Order Extension?

    The PWA Purchase Order Extension can help store owners manage advance orders. It allows you to manage and extend orders in an organised and efficient manner based on business requirements. This can be especially useful when meeting increased customer demand or dealing with supply chain issues.

Version: 1.0.0

Last Update: Apr 24, 2024

  • It supports the PWA v13.3.0 and v12.5.1 versions.
  • It supports the Magento 2 v2.4.7-beta3 v2.4.6 versions.