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ScandiPWA Social Login add-on integrates the PWA Storefront with the Social Login plugin for Magento, making it simpler to attract customers by streamlining the registration and login procedure. Customers may enjoy their products regardless of the device they use. Profit from PWA technology, which converts your store into a native mobile app and improves the store interface.

Key Highlights:

  • A social login option is available to promote user convenience
  • Provides Social login options such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Allow customers to use the system without creating another password
Before using this extension for your Ecommerce store, 
Must purchase the Magento 2 - Social Login.
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v6.2.5, v6.2.3, v6.2.2, v6.2.1, v6.2.0
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The Social Login Extension assists business owners in creating a store that customers like visiting. Using a Magento PWA social login plugin eliminates the trouble of repetitive purchases. By implementing social login, you benefit on both sides. This plugin removes the requirement for clients to register or sign up on the website.

ScandiPWA Social Login Extension enables users to login using their social network handles, boosting user sign-ups and strengthening security. Customers may utilise the Social Login module to log in to online stores using their Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn identities. 

Encouraging clients to register is a common way for e-commerce enterprises to collect leads. The scandipwa social login Extension allows users to log in or join up for social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Plus without revealing any personal information.

Using a ScandiPWA social login module, also known as social sign-in, is an excellent method to speed up the login and registration procedures. This add-on eliminates the consumer's need to remember a login or password. Customers may sign in to the website using their favourite social network accounts.

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Features & Functionalities:

  • Simple to implement on the Login Page, Register Page, and Checkout Page
  • Admin can turn social login buttons on or off on certain pages.
  • Quickly and easily Allow customers to login or register 
  • Manage the redirection process that occurs once a consumer logs in or registers on social media

Easier Login Process:

Streamline the login process to simplify user access. It simplifies the login procedure for your consumers and helps your store get more customers.

Customizable Login Buttons:

Customize the look and feel of social login choices to match your brand, giving consumers a personalized and consistent authentication experience. 

Link or Unlink Social Account:

Easily Connect and detach social profiles from the platform's account, giving consumers the flexibility and authority they need to manage their online presence.

Optimize User Experience:

Enhance the user experience by highlighting enhanced functionality, easy navigation, and appealing design. This will assist e-commerce stores in improving customer experience. 

How Does Scandipwa Social Login Extension Work?

Using social logins in the online platform, the ScandiPWA Social Login Extension simplifies user authentication.

  • Seamlessly integrates popular social networking login options like Facebook, Google, and Linkedin into the website's login or registration process.
  • Quickly login or register using your preferred social network, eliminating the need for traditional email/password inputs.
  • Fetches relevant user data from the social networking site, including name, email, and profile image
  • Users enjoy an easy and speedy login process, reducing hassle and boosting overall happiness.
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ScandiPWA Social Login - FAQs

  1. What is the ScandiPWA Social Login Extension?

    The ScandiPWA Social Login Extension is a Magento module created for the ScandiPWA theme. It allows consumers to log in or register on your e-commerce website using their favourite social network credentials.

  2. Which social media platforms are supported by ScandiPWA Social Login?

    The plugin often supports popular social networking services such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and others. Users can use these platforms to log in or register using their accounts.

  3. How does the social login process work with ScandiPWA Social Login Extension?

    Users who choose social login are taken to the login page of the selected social network. After you provide permission, the plugin gets basic profile information from the social network, making registration or login on website more accessible.

  4. Can users link or unlink their social profiles from accounts?

Version: 1.0.2

Last Update:  Dec 13, 2023

  • Support ScandiPWA Studio version 6.2.5, 6.2.3, 6.2.2, 6.2.1, 6.2.0
  • Google Sign-In updated.
  • Graphql updated.

Version: 1.0.1

Last Update:  Oct 2, 2023

  • Support button shape configuration

Version: 1.0.0

Last Update:  Jul 13, 2023

  • Support Magento version 2.4.6, 2.4.5
  • Support ScandiPWA Studio version 6.2.1
  • Signin and Signup with Google, Facebook, Linkedin