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The ScandiPWA Category Banner extension lets you show off excellent banners on your E-commerce store's category pages. Category banners draw the shopper's attention to your products by emphasizing their shelf space. It's like a helper for boosting your e-commerce sales. This tool is perfect for promoting special deals, discounts, or new products you just got in.

Key Highlights:

  • Allows users to create and customize category banners
  • Category banners that are responsive on specific category pages
  • Compatible with all devices and allows to add on any device
Before using this extension for your Ecommerce store, 
Must purchase the Magento 2 - Category Banner.
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v6.2.5, v6.2.3, v6.2.2, v6.2.1
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ScandiPWA Category Banner Extension

The ScandiPWA Category Banner is simple to set up and is popular with small, medium, and big e-commerce firms. This Extension helps make your business seem appealing to clients. It's a simple solution for improving sales and giving consumers a pleasant buying experience.

Category Banner Extension can help you promote your products by displaying banners on category pages. You may increase the sales and earnings of your ScandiPWA shop with the help of our Category Banner. It enables you to promote specific products from online stores on the storefront's category pages. 

Use the category banner extension to promote select products on your website's category page to attract more clients. With this banner solution, displaying new offers, great bargains, or other information that keeps clients coming is no longer a complicated plan.

scandipwa featueFeatures of category banner

Features & Functionalities:

  • Adjust the position and column of banners with the category pages.
  • Add one or more banners and arrange them as you see fit.
  • Use category banners to improve the appearance of category pages.

Product in Category:

This extension facilitates customers in efficiently promoting and marketing their products within the specified categories of their online store.

Include Banner Content:

You can include the banner content on your category promotional banner to attract more customers and improve the sales of your storefront. 

Schedule Duration Banner:

You can select and schedule the duration of the category banner promotion for your scandipwa storefront with our extension.

Adjust Banner Width:

Category banner widths can be modified to better showcase individual products and entice shoppers with call-to-action elements.

Display Settings:

Our extension allows you to set your products' display and configuration settings in the category banner promotion. 

All Device Support:

You can add banners to any device, including desktop, tablet, and mobile, as our category banner is responsive to all screen sizes.


How Does Scandipwa Category Banner Extension Work?


  • The Category Banner Extension lets you put excellent banners on your store's category pages. It's like adding a superb feature to improve an online store.
  • The Scandipwa Category plugin shows off beautiful banners on category pages. Once you install it, you can set it up just as you want. 
  • These banners can highlight great deals, discounts, or new stuff, making your online store more attractive to customers.
  • Put these excellent banners on category pages, making your online store more exciting and informative for shoppers. 
  • When customers see the exciting deals or new products you're promoting, they'll likely check it out, which can mean more sales for you.


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ScandiPWA Category Banner - FAQs

  1. What is the ScandiPWA Category Banner Extension?

    The ScandiPWA Category Banner Extension is a solution for displaying appealing banners on your ScandiPWA storefront's category pages. It improves the visual attractiveness of online business and allow to promote special deals, discounts, or new products.

  2. How does the ScandiPWA Category Banner extension work?

    The plugin interacts smoothly with ScandiPWA and allows you to quickly arrange and show banners on particular category pages. It's intended to give a user-friendly experience for customers, making your online business more visually appealing and engaging.

  3. Can I change the banners on ScandiPWA for different categories?

    Yes, the ScandiPWA Category extension allows for customisation. You may personalise banners for each category, allowing you to adapt your promotional efforts to different items or offers.

  4. What benefits does the Category Banner provide for online store?

    The Category Banner addon improves the aesthetics of category pages, making more appealing to visitors. By exhibiting promotions and new products, you may improve the shopping experience and increase sales on the ScandiPWA platform.

Version: 1.0.1

Last Update: Dec, 7, 2023

  • Solve the issue of the first product not displaying on the category page.
  • It is supports ScandiPWA version 6.2.5

Version: 1.0.0

Last Update: Nov, 7, 2023

  • Compatible with Scandipwa 6.2.3, 6.2.2, 6.2.1 version
  • The admin will be able to add banners within a time range
  • They can also determine the size of the banner
  • Add banner at particular position and particular category page