ScandiPWA Category Banner

What is the ScandiPWA Category Banner Extension?

The ScandiPWA Category Banner Extension is a solution for displaying appealing banners on your ScandiPWA storefront's category pages. It improves the visual attractiveness of online business and allow to promote special deals, discounts, or new products.

How does the ScandiPWA Category Banner extension work?

The plugin interacts smoothly with ScandiPWA and allows you to quickly arrange and show banners on particular category pages. It's intended to give a user-friendly experience for customers, making your online business more visually appealing and engaging.

Can I change the banners on ScandiPWA for different categories?

Yes, the ScandiPWA Category extension allows for customisation. You may personalise banners for each category, allowing you to adapt your promotional efforts to different items or offers.

What benefits does the Category Banner provide for online store?

The Category Banner addon improves the aesthetics of category pages, making more appealing to visitors. By exhibiting promotions and new products, you may improve the shopping experience and increase sales on the ScandiPWA platform.

How can the ScandiPWA Category Banner extension help my online Store?

With the help of our ScandiPWA Banner extension, you can add promotional banners on your store's category pages with a time duration limit and promote the specific products/services on your store.

Is it worth purchasing this extension?

Yes, this extension allows you to promote specific products/services on the category pages and improves sales and revenue of the storefront.

What are the benefits of this extension?

The ScandiPWA category banner extension assists you in promoting your products, improving sales, driving traffic to specific pages, etc.

Can I set the duration of my category banner promotion?

Yes, Our Scandipwa Category Banner allows you to schedule the duration time of your banner on the ScandiPWA storefront.

Can I show the banners on mobile devices?

Yes, our ScandiPWA storefront is compatible with all the devices so you can show the banners on mobile devices.

Does this extension support my ScandiPWA storefront?

This extension supports ScandiPWA storefront version 6.2.3, 5.0.5, ^4.4.0.

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