License Aggrement


This LICENSE AGREEMENT is get involved as of November 18,2021 by and between you['Customer'] with Elightwalk Terms and Conditions.

When customers get the product from our site or by email or other medium that time below rights are become effective .Elightwalk can make changes at any time and reserves the rights to impose its clauses.

customers have to agree to the below terms:


Terms and conditions:



Grant of License


After buying a product of Elightwalk:

Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Elightwalk grants to Licensee a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable limited license to:

(a)Install and use the Licensed Software in executable form only on Licensee’s servers and workstations at the Site(s), only for Licensee’s internal business purposes, and subject to the number of Service Locations and Named User Licenses specified in the Sales Order.

(b)copy and reproduce the Documentation provided to Licensee solely for the purposes of facilitating Licensee’s use of the Licensed Software.




You may not use software to provide services to third parties.

You may not make copies and distribute, resell or sub-license software to third parties.

You may not download and use patches, enhancements, bug fixes, or similar updates unless you have a license to the underlying software.

You may not copy software or make it available on a public or external distributed network.

You may make one copy of the software for archival purposes or when it is an essential step in authorized use.


Duration and Termination


This Agreement is persist productive until end by the Customer or Elightwalk.

In case Elightwalk declares the close of license as explain hereby, the charges of the Software is not repay to the Customer.

customers have to uninstall the software immediately after getting the expires notice.

Elightwalk hold the right to close Customer’s license in case such Customer not follow the terms and provisions of this Agreement and/or Elightwalk Terms and Conditions.


Limitation Of Obligation


In no circumstance shall Elightwalk be responsible for any damages. Arise of approved users use of or ineffectiveness to use the Elightwalk products.In no circumstance will Elightwalk be responsible for undertaking arising from use of the products against law or for any unauthorized use.


General Specification


This Agreement approves effect when the Customer accomplished the buy of the product at Elightwalk website as reported by Terms and Conditions and get a clone of the product via Customer description or other means at our care, according to Elightwalk Terms and Conditions.