Magento 2 PWA Studio (Venia demo)

This is a robust set of tools to facilitate the PWA storefront development and maintenance for Magento 2 websites. Helping people to imagine the results after creating a PWA, Magento offers the Venia PWA demo. Request a Quote

Venia Features

Features of PWA(Venia storefront) are fast, responsive, Cross-browser compatible, Offline Mode, Mobile “Install”, Shareable content.

In our Definition of Quality, we define which browsers Venia must support. Any code changes must work reliably in all of these browsers, or fall back to an acceptable graceful degradation experience.

Magento 2 PWA Studio Venia is a set of tools to facilitate the process of PWA storefront development and maintenance for Magento 2 websites.

Code Quality

Venia must be high-quality code. To keep our code quality high, your contribution should:

  • Run reliably in all supported environments.
  • Be consistent in style.
  • Easy to refactor.
  • Be covered by tests.
  • Faster loading speed.
Faster User Interface Support

Web developers can now load
an entire website to browser after just one pageview even
on slow networks.

Background Processes

Although PWA sites are first
of all aimed at mobile users,
the PWA Studio provides the ability to implement
responsive design strategies
on desktop, tablet, and
mobile devices. The screen
size no longer matters as every user gets an equally great attitude.

Offline Support

Implementation of service worker makes it able to work offline. Website can now be accessible even user lost the internet connectivity. PWA
sites cache content to ensure that some content can be
served when a user is offline.

Responsive Design

If the user facing poor connectivity or offline, the browser store all the form submission data and request, When connectivity returns it
re-sent all the data in background.

Push Notifications

Venia offers support for push notifications which helps in keeping the end user engaged and motivated to open and use the app more often.


Progressive Web App helps in saving your precious time as you don’t need to have a separate app for Android and iOS. One app can be used on both the platforms which result in faster time to market.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

The popularity of PWA is growing at a very fast in the field of e-commerce, business, online news portal and other fields because of its peculiar characteristics listed below as follows: Hire Developer