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Top 5 ScandiPWA Extensions to Supercharge Your Online Store

The rapidly rising popularity of e-commerce technology opens many new windows for new businesses to expand. The use of modern technology and the development of new features in online stores give the business new wings. With the success of React and GraphQL technology, ScandiPWA is the most popular e-commerce platform. It is easy to use and leads to happier customers, improved conversion rates, and better SEO rankings.

ScandiPWA provides new experiences to users and gives businesses a competitive advantage. Elightwalk Technology is working to make this experience more seamless and efficient for companies and customers. Elightwalk is developing the best ScandiPWA extension to improve store performance and the user experience.

Best ScandiPWA Extension Released by Elightwalk
  1. IoCheckout
  2. Customer Login
  3. Category Banner
  4. Social Login
  5. Product Image Zoom

So, in this blog, we discuss the top 5 best ScandiPWA extensions that improve your store value.

How ScandiPWA Extension Work?

The basic work of ScandiPWA extension is to improve the functionality of your systems without any other modification. Extensions easily connect to your store and design and work entirely as part of the system without any functional disturbance. It comes with a plug-and-play method for easily connecting to your online store.

The ScandiPWA extensions expand the platform's core functionality. You can add features like advanced search, product recommendations, social media integration, and custom checkout processes. These extensions are intended to integrate seamlessly with the existing ScandiPWA architecture, ensuring a seamless and consistent user experience for developers and customers.

What extension offers?

ScandiPWA extensions offer modern web technologies like Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). This technology delivers fast, responsive, and engaging experiences across all devices. PWA technology helps the ScandiPWA store improve functionality to provide the best user experience to customers. It improves the overall browsing experience of desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

ScandiPWA extensions offer a customizable solution to improve the flexibility of your online store, allowing you to provide a unique and appealing eCommerce experience to your customers.

1. Scandipwa IoCheckout

IoCheckout is the all-in-one best ScandiPWA extension with multiple features. It includes five valuable features in one wing. With the use of IoCkeckout, you can improve your shipping delivery method. It helps to calculate real-time costs and estimate product delivery. It gives different customization options for the checkout process to provide user-specific needs. Sharp delivery days are calculated on the checkout process to minimize customer frustration caused by delivery delays. It supports Google Tag Manager tracking to monitor the checkout process. It helps clients adjust it as needed to track product data. One more exciting thing is that this extension supports various payment methods. It allows customers from different locations to buy from your store quickly and leverages the risk of Abandoned service.

1. Scandipwa IoCheckout
Key Features & Functionalities of IoCheckout:
  • Customized Checkout:

    Customize your checkout process that your needs. IoCheckout lets you tailor checkout steps to match your business requirements.

  • Delivery Date Option:

    Choose delivery dates easily with IoCheckout. This feature helps you manage deliveries and shipments, boosting sales and keeping customers happy by reducing delivery delays.

  • GTM Tracking:

    Keep track of your checkout process with IoCheckout. It supports Google Tag Manager Tracking, allowing you to customize tracking to gather additional information.

  • Various Payment Methods:

    Offer multiple payment options to customers. IoCheckout accepts various payment methods, allowing customers to choose how they pay.

  • Efficient Shipping Process:

    Manage shipping efficiently with IoCheckout. Get real-time cost estimates and provide users with clear shipping options for a smooth checkout experience.

  • Multi Layout Options:

    Choose from different layout options to create Magento Checkout pages. IoCheckout offers various templates to help improve your online business.

2. ScandiPWA Customer Login

The ScandiPWA Customer Login extension is required to access your online store's features fully. This ScandiPWA extension improves security by requiring customers to authenticate their login information while also allowing for collecting valuable traffic and customer data, which informs strategic online marketing efforts. With a simple click on the Account button from any page, customers can easily access their accounts, making the browsing and shopping experience smoother.

The ScandiPWA Customer Login extension transforms online business operations by providing new options, security measures, and personalization features. This extension encourages more registrations by making customizing user experiences and managing accounts easier, allowing you to effectively manage customer data and promote products through targeted email and SMS campaigns.

2. ScandiPWA Customer Login
Key Features & Functionalities of Customer Login Extension:
  • Access Control

    Customise store page access for unregistered visitors by limiting access to product pricing, login, and add-to-cart buttons, increasing user engagement and encouraging account creation.

  • Smooth Shopping Experience

    With the ScandiPWA Customer Login extension, customers enjoy a seamless and trouble-free shopping experience, with access to personalized account features and exclusive content.

  • Category Page Access Control

    Grant or limit access to category pages for guest customers, providing a tailored browsing experience while encouraging account registration and engagement.

  • Complete Control

    Store owners have full command over customer logins and passwords, strengthening website security measures to mitigate risks from malicious users and unauthorized access attempts.

  • Increased Registrations

    Encourage more customers to register accounts on your store, enabling accessible collection of contact information such as email addresses for enhanced marketing efforts and customer communication.

  • Protection of Sensitive Data

    Tighten access restrictions to sensitive company information, ensuring that only authorized users can access confidential data about services, prices, and privacy practices, safeguarding your business's proprietary information.

3. ScandiPWA Category Banner

The ScandiPWA Category Banner extension was created to display banners in your SacandiPWA store. This extension suits all startups, from small new companies to large enterprises. This extension improves customer browsing experiences and sales by smoothly integrating eye-catching banners into category pages, ultimately contributing to the success of your ScandiPWA shop.

The Category Banner Extension easily integrates attractive banners into your store's category pages, increasing visual appeal and driving customer engagement. Using simple setup and configuration, you can quickly create dynamic displays featuring appealing deals, discounts, or new arrivals, increasing your online store's appeal and informational value. Customers are more likely to make purchases as they notice and look into the promotions highlighted by these banners, which increases sales and business growth.

3. ScandiPWA Category Banner
Key Features & Functionalities of Category Banner Extension:
  • Customizable Banner Placement

    Banners within category pages can be easily positioned and arranged in columns to ensure maximum visibility and alignment with your store's design aesthetic.

  • Multiple Banner Support

    Add one or more banners to category pages and arrange them according to your preferences, allowing you to effectively promote specific products or showcase seasonal offers.

  • Category Page Appearance

    Apply category banners to improve the visual appeal of category pages, making them more engaging and informative for shoppers browsing your product offerings.

  • Efficient Marketing

    Advertise the successful promotion and marketing of products within designated categories of your online store to increase exposure and drive sales.

  • Banner Content Inclusion:

    Update your category promotional banners with engaging content to attract more customers and enhance storefront sales efficiently.

  • Adjustable Banner Width:

    Customize category banner widths to showcase individual products and entice shoppers with compelling call-to-action elements.

4. ScandiPWA Social Login

The ScandiPWA Social Login Extension revolutionizes user authentication, creating a hassle-free experience for customers and business owners. By integrating popular social networking login options such as Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn into your website's login and registration process, this extension removes the need for traditional email and password inputs, streamlining access and increasing security. With the ScandiPWA Social Login Extension, businesses can create a more user-friendly and secure authentication process, fostering positive customer relationships and driving long-term success.

4. ScandiPWA Social Login
Key Features & Functionalities of Social Login Extension:
  • Easy Implementation:

    Simple to implement on the Login Page, Register Page, and Checkout Page, guaranteeing a smooth user experience across various touch points.

  • Customizable Options:

    Admins can easily toggle social login buttons on or off specific pages, providing flexibility in configuring the login process according to business needs.

  • Efficient Login Process:

    Simplifies the login process to simplify user access, reducing friction and encouraging more customers to engage with your store.

  • Redirection Management:

    Manage the redirection process once a consumer logs in or registers on social media, ensuring a seamless transition to the desired page or action.

  • Customizable Login Buttons:

    Customize the appearance of social login options to match your brand, offering customers a personalized and consistent authentication experience.

  • Social Account Management:

    Let users link or unlink their social profiles from their platform account, granting them control over their online presence and improving their sense of ownership.

5. ScandiPWA Product Image Zoom

The ScandiPWA Product Image Zoom extension helps improve the visual appeal and usability of your online store's product pages, providing a high-quality browsing experience for your customers. This plugin enriches your online business and increases customer engagement by providing a zoom function that allows consumers to scrutinize product images closely.

With the ScandiPWA Product Image Zoom extension, you can elevate your product visuals and provide customers with an immersive shopping experience that drives conversions and enhances customer satisfaction.

5. ScandiPWA Product Image Zoom
Key Features & Functionalities of Product Image Zoom Extension:
  • Easy Configuration:

    It is simple to configure the product image zooming options, allowing for seamless integration with your store's design and layout.

  • Seamless Transition:

    Allowing smooth transition effects while zooming in or out ensures a visually engaging online customer experience.

  • Hover Zoom:

    Automatically enlarge images within the image when the cursor moves over them, providing customers with an instant and detailed view of the product.

  • User Interaction:

    Zooming in on the product is simple; move the cursor over the picture to enlarge it, providing customers with comprehensive photo views of any product on the Magento 2 website.

  • User-Friendly Controls:

    Enlarge the image by scrolling over it; hover over a product picture for more information, then scroll down to reduce the zoom, ensuring a seamless and intuitive browsing experience.


Customers are always looking for e-commerce stores that are easy to purchase. In this fast-paced world, no one wants to be stuck between slow e-commerce stores and waste time on purchases. Everyone is seeking fast-scrolling e-commerce stores and quick checkout processes to make their online shopping experience seamless.

ScandiPWA stores are working smoothly and are the right choice for small businesses to publish their business on the Internet. More than that, Elightwalk helps its store improve its functionality by providing a smooth working extension. Our developer created a flexible extension that is easy to plug in and out of your ScandiPWA store. This extension improves functionality and saves the cost of changing layouts and core code. Contact Us with any other questions about e-commerce store development-related requirements. Elightwalk technology is experienced in Magento-related development.

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