How to use Dynamic Translation in React

How to use Dynamic Translation in React?

Using FormattedMessage

React provides a powerful component called FormattedMessage that simplifies dynamic translation within your application. This component is part of libraries like react-intl and react-i18next. Here's how you can utilize it:

The <formatted... /> When using react-intl, it's important to use the React components only for rendering purposes and avoid using them for placeholders or alternate text. They are not helpful for your system because they generate HTML instead of plain text.





        defaultMessage={"Benefits Dropshipping"}



The default message in this situation contains a variable name enclosed in curly braces.

Using intl.formatMessage()

You can use the intl-FormatMessage () function if you need to generate a string.


if(value == true){



        defaultMessage:"Benefits Dropshipping"



The product found in curly braces in defaultMessage is meant to be dynamic here.

Are you ready to use React's dynamic translation potential? Start implementing these strategies immediately to provide your consumers with engaging multilingual experiences.

By providing material in the language your audience prefers, you may increase accessibility, broaden your audience, and improve user happiness.


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