Magento vs BigCommerce comparison

A Comprehensive Guide to Magento vs. BigCommerce

Have you seen how e-commerce stores are growing by the day? Customers prefer to purchase online rather than going to shop. There are various options to consider while deciding on the best e-commerce platform. When we compared them all, we discovered two options: Magneto and BigCommerce. They are e-commerce industry leaders.

Choosing the right platform can be difficult when you are supposed to create an e-commerce store for a small business or large enterprise. Multiple factors, such as the platform's scalability, customization options, and integration capabilities with other software, must be considered. Magento and BigCommerce are considered the ideal platforms for e-commerce businesses. Choosing between the two can be delicate because each has unique features. Magento and BigCommerce offer built-in features for creating e-commerce stores with complicated structures.

We created a guide that will provide comprehensive details about Magento vs. BigCommerce. This article considers numerous factors to help you decide which one to choose based on your requirements. Throughout the blog, we will discuss Magento and BigCommerce, their distinctive features, and what factors should be considered when deciding. So, let's take a look at Magento vs. BigCommerce.

Magento Vs. BigCommerce Overview

Magento and BigCOmmerce have the ability and features to make your store unique. They rank in the top Platforms list and are giving each other tough competition. We have created a complete overview of both platforms, which will help us understand them better.

What is Magento?

Magento is a complete open-source e-commerce website builders that was released in 2008. Purchased by Adobe in 2018, Magento was updated as Magento 2. It was created as a part of a project by Roy Rubin and Yoav Kutner for their company named Varien. With the years gone, custom Magento development peaked, and unique features were developed. These distinctive features make Magento the most customizable ecommerce platform ever in the market. Before using Magento Web, you need technical knowledge to use this platform.

Why Choose Magento?
Magento is available with a number of extensions and themes. It can improve your e-commerce store’s functionality. If you want to create a customized store, you can gain advantage of its flexibility and scalability. Magento is an ideal choice for creating a long-term store. Also, Magento is free, and you can choose magento development services to improve your online presence.

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a hosted platform founded by two Australians, Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper, in 2009. They met in a chatroom in 2003. After a year, they launched their first company, Interspire, which later evolved into BigCommerce. BigCommerce is SaaS, which means you have to pay monthly fees to use this platform. You can use BigCommerce even if you have less technical knowledge.

Why Choose BigCommerce?
BigCommerce, like Magento, is a customizable e-commerce website builders with built-in tools for creating your ecommerce store. BigCommerce is not an inexpensive platform but a comprehensive solution for establishing a powerful online presence. BigCommerce is equal to an all-in-one solution, providing access to an endless product catalog and support for multiple languages and currencies. That is all a developer wants when it comes to selecting. Furthermore, BigCommerce development services allow you to choose basic predefined templates, making it relatively easy to create an e-commerce store.

A Detailed Comparison of Magento vs BigCommerce

We've reviewed Magento vs. Bigcommerce thoroughly, so you'll understand both. Their distinctive characteristics will reflect functionalities and the ability to choose between them. We will go through each of these features one by one.

1. User Friendly

Would you use any online platform that isn’t easy to use? Surely, No, because it is not user-friendly. Your efforts to create your online store are useless if it is not user-friendly. Your E-commerce store’s success depends on its user-friendliness.

Magento: Magento is an open-source platform for creating e-commerce websites. Still, it is not as user-friendly as BigCommerce. Magento custom development requires coding knowledge in addition to other skills. Magento Web is not recommended for beginners. You need to hire Magento developers to establish your e-commerce store at a massive enterprise level. Adobe is attempting to improve user experience with capabilities such as AI and Magento development services. To utilize Magento Web, you must purchase hosting, which may increase your expenses. However, it can be decreased by implementing a managed Magento Hosting solution.

BigCommerce: When we compare Magento vs. BigCommerce, it is much easier to use and set up. You may need some technical knowledge to use it. But BigCommerce constantly introduces improvements and bug fixes, making the platform accessible to a broad audience. BigCommerce is recommended for beginners, where everything can be done with a few clicks. There are various templates that can be used to build a drag-and-drop page builder visual editor if you hire BigCommerce Developer.

2. Design

If we talk about design flexibility, Magento and BigCommerce offer a wide selection of themes. You can also choose templates to make your online store easy to start. But if you have enough coding knowledge, you can also use a customized e-commerce store.

Magento: Magento is an open-source and e-commerce website builder software that allows you to choose among thousands of themes at a global level. You may get more customization options using Magento software. For custom magento development, Magento has made its designs much more accessible to edit, with adjustable page layouts for Magento stores. But to use Magento themes and create a customized store, you need to hire magento developers.

BigCommerce: Though BigCommerce is a paid version, it comes with 12 free themes. BigCommerce offers various templates to build a unique store. You do not need coding knowledge to use these templates. You can hire BigCommerce developer who can help make your online store with the available templates. They are flexible and mobile responsive. However, these templates are not highly customizable like Magento, which is a drawback.

3. Security

Security is the biggest concern for any e-commerce platform. It is mandatory to maintain a high level of security, as your website contains sensitive information about customers. Both Magento and BigCommerce should provide proper attention to their security. Due to their rising popularity in the e-commerce world, there is a risk of getting hacked at any time. Data leaks can prove to be significant losses to e-commerce stores.

For Magento: Magento is considered a 100% safe e-commerce platform with two-layer security. When you install Magento for site security, it gets protection from both the server side with in-built features and the various plugins. Magento doesn’t compromise on security; that’s why it has added a factor authentication system, which adds an extra layer of protection. Still, it doesn’t provide an SSL certificate but regularly updates security patches.

BigCommerce: It also includes the security price when paying to use BigCommerce development services. So, with BigCommerce, you also get guaranteed security with more certifications. Like Magento, it also releases security patches to update its security system. But the difference is that you do not need to install these patches yourself. On the other hand, you need to check Magento constantly.

These were a few comparisons of Magento vs. BigCommerce, which can give you an idea of which to choose. We will discuss the factors that must be considered to provide you with a clear idea about selection.

Which Factors Should be Considered while Choosing between Magento vs. BigCommerce?

There are several factors that affect the choice between Magento vs. BigCommerce. It can be confusing to choose between both of these. So, to understand it more clearly, let’s get information regarding each factor in detail:

Business size and scalability

BigCommerce and Magento are good choices for e-commerce firms. Choosing between these two options can be difficult. But we've developed a solution to this challenge. If you are a beginner or run a small-scale e-commerce store, BigCommerce could be a perfect choice. BigCommece is known for its easy setup and user-friendliness. More technical knowledge is required. You can also hire a BigCommerce agency to build customized e-commerce stores that meet your needs.

Magento development is an ideal solution for large-scale organizations with complex product lines. If you choose Magento as your e-commerce platform, you must have coding experience. Magento can’t be afforded by smaller businesses, and you may need to bear the costs of hosting, setup, and maintenance. However, Magento Web is suitable for e-commerce stores with complex functionalities seeking to grow their online presence.


Before deciding between Magento and BigCommerce for your e-commerce store, thoroughly understand their costs. This can help you choose the best one for your needs. Magento is open-source software that is free to use in the beginning.But if you want to add more functionality to your e-commerce store, you will need to use web hosting. Apart from these, many other expenses occur, such as paying for extensions to get desired functionalities.

To use BigCommere, you must pay a monthly fee, which varies depending on the package. These plans include exclusive features with varying sales volumes. You can make changes to the plans according to your budget and predict the cost monthly. BigCommerce offers its users a 14-day free trial. After completion, you can connect with BigCommerce agency to continue the services.

Technical Expertise

Whatever platform you choose may require some technical understanding to be used effectively. If you use BigCommerce development services for your e-commerce store, you may not need a high level of technical skill. It is like a complete package that includes drag-and-drop functionality and pre-built features. So you have a great selection to choose from. Hire BigCommerce developer to help set up your e-commerce store, even if you need more clarification.

If you choose Magento as your e-commerce website builders, it needs more technical expertise. You need to hire Magento website developer who can understand your e-commerce store needs. He should be an expert in custom Magento development for your complex business needs.

Long-term Goals

When you start or run an e-commerce store, you may have long-term goals and strategies to make it more successful. At this point, you must select which e-commerce platform would best meet your long-term needs. The two options, BigCommerce and Magento, as e-commerce website builders might be helpful in different ways. If you choose BigCommerce development services, you can use exclusive features like built-in SEO tools, integration possibilities, and marketing automation. You can select a BigCommerce agency to assist you in using all of these benefits for your customized e-commerce store.

If you are running a large enterprise and need complex customization, custom Magento development can be the right choice for your e-commerce store. You can choose magento development services to build a highly scalable e-commerce store in the long run. Businesses seeking aspiring growth plans and visions can choose Magento. If you choose Magento Web, it can provide your customers with a unique shopping experience.


After analyzing and comparing all the factors of these platforms, Magento and BigCommerce are the ideal choices for all kinds of businesses, from small to large. If we scale out the points, we can better understand them.

  • If you have less technical knowledge, you can choose BigCommerce development services without thinking anymore. It contains all the required features with the support to begin your online store without hesitation.
  • If you are running a large-scale business that needs more customization for complex problems, Magento Web is a great option. You may need a magento website developer to create custom codes to meet your needs. Magento allows you to optimize and control your store as you wish.

So, whatever type of business you run, we offer Magento and BigCommerce development services. If you are considering starting an e-commerce store with BigCommerce, we are here to help you with our BigCommerce development team. If you already have a store, you may hire BigCommerce developer to make any necessary updates contact us for any e-commerce store related queries.

If your e-commerce business is at the massive enterprise level, you need to hire Magento developers to meet your requirements. Our professional developers at Elightwalk will deliver a solution customized to your e-commerce store's requirements. Likewise, we offer Magento development services to help you create a customized store with high flexibility.

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