Installing the ScandiPWA Extension: A Comprehensive Guide

Installing the ScandiPWA Extension: A Comprehensive Guide


ScandiPWA is an open-source Magento 2 extension that provides the functionality and features of a ScandiPWA theme. This article explains the step-by-step process of installing the ScandiPWA extension on your Magento 2 store.

What is ScandiPWA?

  • It is an open-source extension for Magento 2 that adds a Progressive Web App (PWA) frontend to an existing Magento installation.
  • It is optimized to provide the best performance and user experience on mobile devices.
  • It offers many features, such as offline mode, native-like navigation, and push notifications.

What is ScandiPWA Extension?

ScandiPWA extensions are designed to enhance your online store, adding new features, improving functionality, optimizing performance, and customizing appearance.ScandiPWA extensions easily enable store functionality and integrate with the frontend framework for a consistent user experience.

Whether you're looking to optimize your checkout process, integrate with popular marketing tools, or add new payment options, ScandiPWA extensions offer many possibilities to enhance and customize your online store.

How to Installing ScandiPWA Extension?

  • Go to scandipath > packages > make new folder with @elightwalk or any.
  • First, you have to extract your zip. [Like gtm extension, Razorpay, etc.]
  • Then, make changes in package.json as mentioned below

"dependencies": { 
    "@elightwalk/learn-extension": "file:packages/@elightwalk/learn-extension", 
"extensions": {
     "@elightwalk/learn-extension": false, 

? Then run below command at the ScandiPWA path


npm run postinstall

What are the specific features and functionalities offered by ScandiPWA extensions?

ScandiPWA extensions are powerful tools that can enhance the functionality of your Magento store. Take your online store to the next level by customizing and optimizing your e-commerce platform with various options. Upgrade your Magento store now to maximize your e-commerce potential.

To boost the features of your Magento store powered by ScandiPWA, follow these simple steps to install ScandiPWA extensions successfully.

Elevate your online store with ScandiPWA extensions. Install and supercharge your ScandiPWA-powered Magento store for enhanced performance and exceptional user experiences. Explore the possibilities and transform your e-commerce business today!

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