Everything You Need to Know About Checkout/Cart Page

Everything You Need to Know About Checkout/Cart Page Summary Definition of checkout/cart page


The checkout/cart page is an essential part of an e-commerce website where customers review their selected products, apply discounts or coupons, and proceed to the payment process. It displays a summary of the items in the shopping cart, including quantities, prices, and any additional charges like taxes or shipping fees. Customers can make final adjustments to their order before proceeding to checkout.

Importance of optimizing the checkout/cart page

Optimizing the checkout/cart page is essential as it directly impacts conversion rates and user experience. A well-optimized page simplifies the checkout process, reduces cart abandonment, instills trust, and ensures a seamless transaction. It improves customer satisfaction and boosts the overall success of an e-commerce business.

  1. To create a plugin, kindly make a new JavaScript file and name it CustomCheckoutSummaryPlugin.js.In the CustomCheckoutSummaryPlugin.js file, import the necessary dependencies:
  2. Define your custom data logic below the subtotal in the renderSubTotal function:
  3. In your Magento 2 project, create a new module for your plugin and place the CustomCheckoutSummaryPlugin.js file in the appropriate location within the module structure.

The basics

You need to make a plugin for CheckoutOrderSummary.plugin.js. We need to add custom data below the subtotal at the checkout summary. Then, we add data in the renderSubTotal function.


import getStore from "Util/Store";
import CheckoutOrderSummaryPriceLine from "Component/CheckoutOrderSummaryPriceLine";
import OrderSummary from "@elightwalk/indian-gst/src/component/OrderSummary";

export class CheckoutOrderSummaryComponentPlugin {

 renderSubTotal = (args, callback, instance) => {
   const state = getStore().getState();
   const { gstcharge_gstcharge_buyergst, gstcharge_gstcharge_status } =
   const {
     totals: { quote_currency_code },
   } = instance.props;

   if (cartSubtotal) {
     if (
       gstcharge_gstcharge_buyergst === true &&
       gstcharge_gstcharge_status === true
     ) {
       return (
           <OrderSummary instance={instance}/>
     return callback(...args);

export const { renderSubTotal } = new CheckoutOrderSummaryComponentPlugin();

export default {
 "Component/CheckoutOrderSummary/Component": {
   "member-function": {
     renderSubTotal: {
       position: 101,
       implementation: renderSubTotal,

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