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How To Override node_module Files In PWA-Studio?


Node_Module files are a necessary part of any Node.js project, but they can also be a source of headaches. How do you override them when you need to change your code?

Node_Module files are like any other Node.js file, but they contain code automatically compiled and minified when you build your project. It should add optimizations and decreases the time it takes to deploy your application. Although there are a few factors to consider when making modifications to Node_Module files that do not affect the rest of your codebase. You can override them in these cases by using the required function. Override Node_Module files by using the required function.


If you want to override a specific file in node_module in PWA Studio, then you need to follow some steps mentioned below.

  • Create a plugin folder in our src folder.


  • Create the moduleOverridePlugin.js file inside the plugin folder.


  • Create a mapping.js file inside the plugin folder, like in the previous step.


  • Put the code snippet in moduleOverridePlugin.js, you can copy from here.
const path = require('path');
const glob = require('glob');
module.exports = class NormalModuleOverridePlugin {
    constructor(moduleOverrideMap) {
        this.name = 'NormalModuleOverridePlugin';
        this.moduleOverrideMap = moduleOverrideMap;
    requireResolveIfCan(id, options = undefined) {
        try {
            return require.resolve(id, options);
        } catch (e) {
            return undefined;
    resolveModulePath(context, request) {
        const filePathWithoutExtension = path.resolve(context, request);
        const files = glob.sync(`${filePathWithoutExtension}@(|.*)`);
        if (files.length === 0) {
            throw new Error(`There is no file '${filePathWithoutExtension}'`);
        if (files.length > 1) {
            throw new Error(`There is more than one file '${filePathWithoutExtension}'`);
        return require.resolve(files[0]);
    resolveModuleOverrideMap(context, map) {
        return Object.keys(map).reduce(
            (result, x) => ({
                this.requireResolveIfCan(map[x]) || this.resolveModulePath(context, map[x])
    apply(compiler) {
        if (Object.keys(this.moduleOverrideMap).length === 0) {
        const moduleMap = this.resolveModuleOverrideMap(compiler.context, this.moduleOverrideMap);
        compiler.hooks.normalModuleFactory.tap(this.name, nmf => {
            nmf.hooks.beforeResolve.tap(this.name, resolve => {
                if (!resolve) {
                const moduleToReplace = this.requireResolveIfCan(resolve.request, {
                    paths: [resolve.context]
                if (moduleToReplace && moduleMap[moduleToReplace]) {
                    resolve.request = moduleMap[moduleToReplace];
                return resolve;


After completing the preceding steps, you must map the node_module files and save them in your project folder.

  • Create lib/componenets folder in the src.
  • Suppose you want to override the Header file from the node_modules.
  • Create Header folder in src/lib/components.
  • In Header, create header.js file and write your own code.

Step 6:

In mapping.js add the following code:

module.exports = componentOverrideMapping = {
    [`@magento/venia-ui/lib/components/Header/header.js`]: 'src/lib/components/Header/header.js, 

Step: 7

In your pwa folder, locate the local-intercept.js file and add the below code:

const moduleOverridePlugin = require('./src/plugin/moduleOverridePlugin');
const componentOverrideMapping = require('./src/plugin/mapping');
function localIntercept(targets) {
    targets.of('@magento/pwa-buildpack').webpackCompiler.tap(compiler => {
        new moduleOverridePlugin(componentOverrideMapping).apply(compiler);
module.exports = localIntercept;
  • Fire yarn install
  • Fire yarn build


Overriding node_module files in Project PWA provides developers with the ability to customize and extend the functionality of existing modules. By selectively modifying these files, developers can tailor the behaviour and appearance of their PWA Studio to meet specific requirements, creating a more personalized and unique user experience.


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