How to show Toast message at Top In Venia ?

How to show Toast message at Top In Magento PWA?


PWA is a popular e-commerce platform that recently gained a significant user base. The platform offers several features to enhance the user experience, and one such feature is the toast message. Toast messages are small pop-up notifications that provide essential information to the user, and in this post, we will focus on how to show the toast message at the top in PWA store using CSS. Follow these simple steps to improve your user experience on PWA store.

Quick Steps to Position Toast Messages at the Top in PWA store

Elevate your Toast Messages in Venia with these Simple Steps

Top Placement for Toast Messages in PWA store: A Simple Guide

Step 1: Mapping the toastContainer.module.css file first

Open the /srcplugin/mapping.js of your PWA root directory.

Add the following code

Modify module.exports = componentOverrideMapping = to include the overriding of toastConatiner.module.css

Step 1: Mapping the toastContainer.module.css file first

Step 2: Create toastContainer.module.css in lib/componenets of your PWA root directory.

Add the following code:

.root {
composes: top-20 from global;
composes: fixed from global;
composes: gap-y-xs from global;
composes: grid from global;
composes: mb-xs from global;
composes: min-w-full from global;
composes: z-toast from global;

composes: lg_min-w-auto from global;
composes: lg_right-md from global;

Step 3: Save changes

Save your changes and in your PWA root terminal fire the yarn build command to see the changes.

Step 4: Check the toast will be at the top of the screen

Check that the toast notification appears at the top of the screen after recompiling and reloading your PWA application. Even when scrolling, it should appear fixed in place. Following these instructions, you may use PWA to display toast messages at the top of the screen. Toast messages give customers a non-intrusive way to receive crucial information, enhancing their overall experience. Consider properly implementing this strategy in your PWA projects to convey important messages and alerts.

Step 4: Check the toast will be at the top of the screen


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