How To Create an Extension In Venia?

How To Create an Extension In PWA studio(Venia)?

Extensions are the best way to make changes to your PWA studio project. With the help of an extension, you can easily customise your online store without affecting your core code. Extensions offer flexibility and scalability in PWA studio projects.

Extensions are easy to install and update occasionally without any problem. You can customize your store on/off without disrupting core functionality, simplifying maintenance.

In this post we explain the method of creating an extension in the PWA studio. We learn in detail how to create an extension in Venia PWA studio.

At Magento PWA root

To create an extension in Magento PWA-Studio, you can follow these steps:

  • Create a folder named @<namespace>/<modulename> in the root directory of your PWA project.
  • In <modulename> folder, create the following files and directories:

       1. package.json file

       2. intercept.js file

       3. src folder

  • Open the package.json file in the root directory of your Venia project.
  • Add your extension to the dependencies section, pointing to the local path of your extension:


        "name": "@namespace/modulename",

        "version": "0.0.1",

        "publishConfig": {

                "access": "public"


        "description": "module description",

        "main": "./intercept.js",

        "scripts": {

                "clean": ""


        "repository": "github:magento/pwa-studio",

        "license": "(OSL-3.0 OR AFL-3.0)",

        "peerDependencies": {

                "@magento/pwa-buildpack": "~9.0.0",

                "@magento/venia-ui": "~7.0.0"


        "pwa-studio": {

                "targets": {

                        "intercept": "./intercept.js"




This allows PWA studio to recognise and use your extension while it is in development.

About intercept.js file

You directly interact with Targets and Targetables in the intercepted file to apply customizations. It exports a default function that accepts a TargetProvider parameter.

In src folder

you can create components queries and talons

Add your extension in the package.json file of Magento PWA root:

dependencies: { 
   "@namespace/modulename": "link:./@namespace/modulename" 

Still within the package.json file of your PWA project, under the PWA-studio section, add your namespace to the list of trusted vendors:

"pwa-studio": {
    "trusted-vendors": ["@namespace"]

This step confirms that Venia trusts your extension and permits it to interact with the main PWA application.

Install Dependencies and Build

Open your terminal and fire commands

  • Run yarn install to install any dependencies required by your extension.
  • Finally, run yarn build to build your PWA project, including your extension.

By following these instructions, you can successfully integrate the extension into Venia PWA Studio, which allows you to add more functionality as needed.


We hope you found the information presented valuable and insightful in wrapping up our tutorial. We understand that learning new concepts can sometimes be challenging, so if any parts of the tutorial need clarification or you have any questions, please Contact us.

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