How to Create a new Talons in-Venia?

How to Create a new Talons in-Venia?

Step 1

  • Take a Reference Code from the Venia of Magento included in "node_modules" and Copy it
  • For Example it can be useHeader, useFooter, useCategoryList, etc...

Step 2

  • Create a talon folder in the Src folder
  • then create a sub folder in the name of the reference file
  • Now create a .js file in the name of the reference file name
  • For Example Src/talons/Header/useHeader.js

             -  talons/Breadcrumbs/useBreadcrumbs.js

-  Then Paste the Copied Code into the created .js folder


export default  original => {

          return function useBreadcrumbs(props, …restArgs) {

                    const { categoryID } = proprs;



Step 3

  • Create a new intercept file (if not available)
  • and paste the code given below

function localIntercept(targets) {
   const peregrineTargets = targets.of("@magento/peregrine");
   const talonsTargets = peregrineTargets.talons;


   talonsTargets.tap((talonsWrapperConfig) => {

  • And at last write "module.exports = localIntercept, So your intercept file will be ready to work.
  • also do write your folder name and file name after the "talonWrapperConfig" and then provide the file path inside the parenthesis.


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