How to use Routing in Venia

How to use Routing in Venia?


Routing in Venia is crucial to managing the navigation and URLs within your storefront. With routing, you can define the paths and components associated with various pages and sections of your Venia project. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use routing in Venia:


First, you must create a "components" folder inside the src folder.

  • src > components


Then in the 2nd step, we need to create a component, "Faq", inside the components folder for our custom faq page.

  • src > components > Faq


Create file "faq.js" inside our component folder "Faq".

  • src > components > Faq > faq.js


And in the 4th step, we need to put the code snippet in the faq.js file for rendering the content in our custom faq page.

  • src > components > Faq > faq.js

import React from "react";

const Faq = () => {
   return (
               <h1>Welcome to Magento 2 Pwa Venia theme!</h1>

export default Faq;


After that, we should create an index.js file in our "Faq" component's folder.

  • src > components > Faq > index.js

export { default } from './faq';


And after that, there is a local-intercept.js file in your project's folder, and then you need to edit this file.

  • local-intercept.js

targets.of("@magento/venia-ui").routes.tap(routes => {
           name: "FaqPage",
           exact: true,
           pattern: "/faq",
           path: require.resolve("./src/components/Faq")
   return routes;


The dependency of your local-intercept.js file is already defined in the package.json file in your project folder.

  • package.json

"pwa-studio": {
   "targets": {
       "intercept": "./local-intercept.js"

Implementing routing enhances the user experience and improves the overall functionality of the Venia project.


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