Simple Steps to Modify Your Cursor Colour

Simple Steps to Modify Your Cursor Colour


You can customise the colour of your cursor. Modifying the cursor colour is a simple yet effective way to add a touch of personalization to your browsing experience. If you want to match your cursor colour to your website's style or give it a unique flair, the following instructions will teach you how to do it quickly and easily. So that you can adequately customise your cursor, let's get started!

Use “caret-color” to modify the cursor color

Sometimes it is necessary to modify the color of the cursor. Now it is caret-color show time.


<input type="text" class="caret-color" />


.caret-color {
      width: 300px;
       padding: 10px;
       border: solid 1px #ffd476;
       box-sizing: border-box;
       background-color: transparent;
       outline: none;
       color: #ffd476;
       font-size: 14px;
       /* Key Style */
       caret-color: #ffd476;

Take control of your browsing experience and make it your own! Learn how to modify your cursor color in just a few simple steps. Start right away to give your internet presence a personal touch.


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