How to Integrate a Custom Reducer into Your Website?

How to Integrate a Custom Reducer into Your Website?


You may find the "Custom Reducer Plugin" helpful if you use Redux. This plugin makes it simple to create custom reducers without having to write any custom code. Additionally, it provides an effortless way to manage the state without updating the reducer code manually.

What is a Custom Reducer Plugin?

A Custom Reducer Plugin is used in Redux, a popular state management library in JavaScript. It allows developers to extend or modify the behavior of the Redux store by adding custom logic to the reducer function. This plugin intercepts actions dispatched to the store and provides additional functionality, such as handling specific actions, manipulating the state, or triggering side effects. Custom Reducer Plugins offer a flexible way to customize the behavior of the Redux store and tailor it to specific application requirements.

Installation Guide:

Must check plugin name Spaces


import GstReducer from '../store/Gst/Gst.reducer';

const getStaticReducers = (args, callback, instance) => ({

export default {
   'Store/Index/getReducers': {
       function: getStaticReducers

? You can also get references from the GitHub Helpdesk ScandiPWA here.

? In my store> Gst > Gst.action.js



/** @namespace Store/Gst/Action/updateGstPrice */
export const updateGstPrice = (gst_charge) => ({

? In my store> Gst > Gst.reducer.js


/** @namespace Store/Gst/Reducer/updateGstPrice */
import { UPDATE_GST_PRICE} from './Gst.action';

export const getInitialState = () => ({
     gst_charge : {
           subtotal_excl_sgst_charge: 0,
           subtotal_excl_igst_charge: 0,
           shipping_excl_cgst_charge: 0,
           shipping_excl_sgst_charge: 0,
           shipping_excl_igst_charge: 0,
           subtotal_incl_cgst_charge: 0,
           subtotal_incl_sgst_charge: 0,
           subtotal_incl_igst_charge: 0,
           shipping_incl_cgst_charge: 0,
           shipping_incl_sgst_charge: 0,
           shipping_incl_igst_charge: 0,      

/** @namespace Store/Gst/Reducer/updateGstPrice */

export const GstReducer = (
   state = getInitialState(),
) => {
   const { type } = action;
   switch (type) {
       const { gst_charge } = action;
       console.log('GstReducer gst_charge',gst_charge)
       return {
       return state;

export default GstReducer;


  • You can use custom reducer plugins to modify the results of a specific data reduction tool. Plugins must be downloaded from a trusted source and installed to work correctly.
  • The benefits of using a custom reducer plugin include increased flexibility, improved accuracy, and the ability to customize the output.


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